Flu hits the Burks house

Yes, the flu has hit our household. Jen is down with the flu and has been since Wednesday. The good news though, I think, is that we caught it really early and that we can hopefully get it out of here in the next few days. She has to be out for 5 days. As usual we had a busy weekend planned but it will be nice to just let her relax(somewhat) and rest some. 

Other than that, things are pretty normal. We are going to looking at trading in/selling my car soon so that we can have a family friendly car. Also, I will be looking at getting(hopefully) an acoustic guitar soon so that when I lead worship at church and other places, I do not have to borrow our music minister’s guitar. 

I am also anxious to start getting nursery stuff together. I am not sure if it is too early or whatnot but I would like to start to get things going. First things first though is to clean the front bedroom where the guest bedroom will be so that we can move the furniture that is in the current guest bedroom to the new one. The current guest bedroom will be the new nursery! I have no idea when we should start buying things for the nusery (crib, changing table, dresser, etc.) but I am excited to do those things.

I leave everyone with two words. War Eagle!


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    Clever Girl said,

    You can start buying things whenever, but if I were you I would wait until you know what you’re having. You don’t want to buy furniture that is too masculine and end up having a girl, or vice versa. Relax, you have plenty of time! IKEA has some really cute baby furniture and textiles. And I find that a changing table is unnecessary. The dresser we bought was displayed with a changing pad on top of it, but truth be told, you will change a diaper wherever you are. Cole usually gets changed on a towel on our bed or on the pack-n-play. I’d save the money on the changing table and just get a dresser. Also, your car is much more family-friendly than the Mustang. Can you imagine trying to get a carseat in and out of that backseat? Darn near impossible. I know you might not want to part with it, but that is something to consider. We go back and forth so much between my car and Zac’s car that I couldn’t imagine trying to wrestle a carseat into the back of a two-door car.

    Hope Jen feels better soon! My brother also has the flu. Hopefully we can come visit again in a few weeks after everyone is over being sick.

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      burksfamily2010 said,

      We are only about 3 and a half weeks until we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I guess I can wait until then to start buying things =).

      The thing about trading my car in is that the mustang gets paid off in 2010 whereas my car gets paid off in 2011. That was our logic for trading mine in.

      Hopefully ya’ll can come visit! It’s been a while. Next time we can come visit you guys and go shopping and such.

  2. 3

    Gina said,

    Do not buy anything until you guys look through all of this stuff that Eddie and I have saved. If you do not take it, we are going to sell it in a yard sale.

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