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Guess who’s back!

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. It has been a while since I have posted a blog entry. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t done it in a while so I feel like this one might be a bit long so bare with me =).Also, wordpress won’t let me upload any pictures right now.

Ever since we found out we were having a girl in October 09, it seems like things have just flown by. First it was the excitement of knowing it was a girl. Then there was the beginning process of getting her room together with painting, ordering furniture, etc. After that there was getting clothes, essentials, etc. After that there was the 4d ultrasounds. Yes, plural. Peyton was being stubborn both times but we got a couple of good pictures. After that there was the wonderfully awesome baby shower that Rachel, Sherry, Gina, and Donna threw for Peyton. Then there was the also wonderfully awesome baby tea that Cedar Grove threw for us.

Now we are here. The home stretch. The grand finale. The fat lady is about to sing. The bottom of the ninth. The encore. The..well you get the drift. Jen is 36 week and2 days pregnant! It has all gone by so fast. I can’t believe that it is almost time for Peyton to get here. It’s almost time for us to welcome our wonderful, beautiful, daughter into the world. It’s almost time for us to hold our daughter and tell her how much we love her to her face for the very first time. It’s almost time to see her little feet and little hands that we have seen so many times stuck in her mouth from her sucking on them on the ultrasound. It’s almost time to see who’s nose, ears, mouth, eyebrows, etc that she inherited. It’s almost for us to get to do and see every wonderful thing we have been dreaming of ever since we found out that about our precious gift from God. God has blessed us so much and we are so thankful that he chose and sees us fit to be parents!

Jen has been feeling lots of pain and sleepless nights lately. A lot of back pain and just overall aching. I try to rub her back every night before we go to bed to try and help with whatever I can. She is such a trooper and is an amazing wife and mother to Peyton. She has recently gotten into coupons and the wonderful world of them recently which I am not complaining about. Another things that she has gotten into recently is THE OFFICE! Woohoo! I have been trying to sell it to her for a while and it took her a little bit but she really enjoys it now and looks forward to watching it. Another thing that I have sold her on is a show called Good Eats on the Food Network. It is a funny show and really informative about food and how to cook things. Also for some strange reason we like to watch The Vampire Diaries.

We had a good time last weekend with the Burks Clan rolling into town. It was great to see everyone and hang out. Jen cooked a massive pot of chili and it was very yummy to my tummy. My dad also brought over the toy chest that everyone went in on and got us for Peyton and we put it together. It goes perfectly with Peyton’s furniture. Jen put all of Peyton’s stuffed animals and things on top of it and it just looks really great. It was also great to see the Cole Train. He is such a happy baby. However, I do apologize to Chris for getting Cole dribble in his eye and on his face while lying on the floor watching Braxton play Wii. However, it was pretty funny. Anywho, Cole was going crazy in the exersaucer and seemed to have a good time. You can tell how great of a job Zac and Rachel have done raising Cole. Along with hanging out, Donna with the help of her assistant Sherry, took maternity pictures. It was great fun and we can’t wait to see the pictures! Thanks Donna!

Last night I put the last thing together that I could before Peyton gets here. I was really pumped about putting stuff together like the bassinet, nursery furniture, bouncer, etc. Alas, the jumper was put together last night and now I don’t have anything to put together. That’s ok though because pretty soon we will be holding Peyton and we get to put her in those things.

In closing, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey and helped us with things like clothes, furniture, baby showers, books, and a lot of other things. Most of all, we thank you for the encouragement, support, and love . We look forward to seeing everyone again and introducing you all to Peyton Claire Burks!


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